AMFK Stainless Steel

Full service metal design and restoration

Welcome to the home of AMFK Industries, a San Francisco based firm specializing in metal restorations, fabrication, and design. Our years of technical expertise and sourcing knowhow help us refinish, restore, and build high quality, once in a lifetime products.

For the past 10 years, we have specialized in stainless steel restoration, refinishing, and fabrication. We are an LBE (Local Business Entity) certified company located in the heart of San Francisco, servicing clients throughout the Bay Area as well as the continental United States. Our clients rely on us to provide on-schedule metal expertise all within budget. From state and city agencies to multi-national companies to single family home owners, our clients expect and recieve unique service and products that we pride ourselves on delivering every single time.

Our mission is to be on the cutting edge of design, provide expert service within deadlines and budgets, and meet as well as exceed the unique demands of our clients.