AMFK Stainless Steel

Full service stainless steel design

Welcome to AMFK Industries, a San Francisco based design and fabrication firm specializing in stainless steel. Our years of technical expertise and sourcing knowhow help us build high quality, once in a lifetime products.

For the past 10 years, we have chosen stainless steel as our focus. It is a durable material widely used in industrial and commercial applications specifically for its long lasting functionality. Stainless steel will not rust, crack, chip, or break. Scratches and dents are easily and inexpensively removed and your stainless steel furnishings and fixtures will be around for generations to come. It is easy on the eye, unique, simple, and sophisticated. Stainless steel is truly forever.

Our mission is to always be on the cutting edge of design and manufacturing of quality merchandise. We also pride ourselves on being a green company, offering reclaimed and salvaged materials as an option to our clients for our high quality stainless steel casework.